Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Orleans Saints

I was going to post the Philadelphia Eagles' cards this weekend, but I'm going to post the Saints instead, since this is Super Bowl Sunday. Some (including me) would argue that the choke-artist Eagles have no business being mentioned during Super Bowl week anyway.

Here are the 1972 New Orleans Saints cards. Overall, the talent level here is much improved over the employees featured in the 1967 set. Still, Topps has made some puzzling choices here. Two quarterbacks but only three defensive players? Two offensive linemen but no running backs? At least we have Archie Manning's rookie card.

#55 Archie Manning - Manning was the Saints' #1 pick in the 1971 draft (2nd overall, after Jim Plunkett). After using veteran Bill Kilmer in their first 4 seasons, the Saints were rebuilding with a top, young QB. Unfortunately, that rebuilding process would outlive Manning's career (and then some!) Manning would play 10 full seasons with the Saints (missing 1976 with a broken arm). In 1982 he played for the Saints and Oilers, and in 1983 the Oilers and Vikings, before finishing his career in 1984 with the Vikings.

#191 Edd Hargett - Hargett had a 5-year career as a backup QB with the Saints (1969-72) and Houston Oilers (1973). He started 3 games in 1970 (Bill Kilmer's last season) and started 4 games in 1971 (Archie Manning's first season). Other than that, it was all mop-up duty for him.

#213 Danny Abramowicz - What a find this guy was! A 17th-round pick by the Saints in 1967, Danny played 6 full seasons with the Saints, plus the first 2 games of 1973. In 1969, his 73 receptions were the most in the NFL. He played the last 12 games of 1973, and all of 1974 with the 49ers.

#14 Dave Parks - Dave was the 1st overall pick in the 1964 draft (by the 49ers). He played split end for 4 seasons in San Francisco, and his 80 receptions and 1344 receiving yards were both tops in the NFL in 1965. Parks came to the Saints in 1968, and switched to tight end during the 1969 season. His final season (1973) was with the Houston Oilers.

#164 Jake Kupp - Kupp was one of the Saints' original expansion draft picks in 1967. He held down the Saints' starting left guard spot for most of his time in New Orleans (1967-75). He also played with the Cowboys (1964-65) and the Redskins (1966).

#242 Glen Ray Hines - Hines was a starting right tackle in each of his 8 seasons, with the Oilers (1966-70), Saints (1971-72), and Steelers (1973).

#34 Charlie Durkee - Charlie had a short NFL career. He was on the Cowboys' roster in 1966 but did not play. He kicked for the Saints in 1967-68, and 1971-72, but was not in the NFL during 1969-70.

#87 Richard Neal - The Saints' 2nd-round pick in 1969, Neal played 4 seasons at left defensive end. Richard played for the Jets from 1973-77 before returning to the Saints in 1978, his final season.

#321 Delles Howell - Howell was the Saints' 4th-round pick in 1970. He was the team's starting right cornerback for 3 seasons, before moving to the Jets for his final 3 seasons (1973-75).

#296 Hugo Hollas - Hollas was the Saints' starting strong safety for 3 seasons (1970-72). He missed the 1973 season, then finished his career with the 49ers in 1974.

Also check out the 1967 and 1971 Saints.

Coming Feb 20th: Cincinnati Bengals


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Compared to the others, Manning had a long career, huh?

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