Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to my 1972 football cards blog!

Welcome to my new 1972 football card blog. I collected football cards in 1967-68, and 1971-73. (You can read my football card back-story here on my 1967 football card blog.)

There are 4 changes since last year's set:
1. Topps expanded their football set to 3 series.
2. League leaders cards and post-season highlights cards are added.
3. Some players are featured in separate "in action" cards.
4. The 3rd series includes "All-Pro" cards.

The 1972 set consisted of 351 cards. Some of the teams have all their players on horizontal cards, while most have all their players on vertical cards. I have all 263 cards from the first 2 series, and some from the 3rd series.

In each post, I will include all the players for one team. I will not be scanning the card backs, but in this introductory post, I am including a sample card back:

You think Johnny Unitas played a long time? Occasionally, someone hangs around long enough so that Topps can't fit any commentary on the card back:

First up: Minnesota Vikings

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